i want you back

By | March 9, 2010

Im sitting here alone
realising your gone
i know i cant change things
i know i was wrong

they all say i dont need you
they all say im better off
they dont understand i love you
yet i never said it enough

i regret what i did
but i cant take it back
wish i could hold you
i want you back

i know you deserve better
i know im messed up
but cant go on without you
i miss you so much

baby im sorry
i know i said it before
i mean it more than ever
knowing our loves now behind a closed door

i didnt realise what i had
till i lost you
my heart bleeds inside
i cant forget you

cant you find it in your heart to forgive me
love me once again
tell me everythings alright
tell me its not the end

yet i know the end is now
i know youll never love me again
im sorry baby
that i was the one to let you down

This poem was written/submitted by Ney Ney.

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  1. Klein C

    I like how its very general so it can go to any type of “I want you back thing” this really helped my . Thanks to the writer

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